La sélection Christmas 

Find the perfect gift for your baby or for the kids among our selection of light-up soft toys, peek-a-boo soft toys, animated soft toys...
And offer them the gift that will put twinkles in their eyes!

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  • 44,90 € In Stock

    Mustache the cat is the 50 cm plush that all children would love to have! Give a touching decorative touch to your child's room with Moustache. Its soft coat is perfect for cuddling! MADE IN FRANCE, our collection of giant stuffed animals with a cool and cuddly attitude will please the whole family! Make way for giant hugs...MADE IN FRANCE!

    44,90 €
    In Stock
  • 19,90 € Out of stock

    Your child wants a small dog at home? Give him Ray, a cute little dog fun to operate with the remote control. Sometimes he walks while wagging his tail, sometimes he barks with his little puppy voice.An imitation toy for walking and spending.

    19,90 €
    Out of stock
  • Patch, famous cartoon dog Disney Les 101 Dalmatians, comes to life thanks to his leash and his bark more real. Your child will follow him everywhere.

    19,90 €
    In Stock
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