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    With its double-walled stainless steel insulation, Föod is the perfect accessory to keep any meal hot or cold and ready to eat, with no risk of leakage. It fits anywhere and its large opening allows easy access to the bottom. Waterproof - Lightweight and portable - Keeps food hot (6 hours) or cold (8 hours) - Durable

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    Monitor your baby's weight gain as soon as he returns home. Easy to use, precise and durable, Kilö gives you the peace of mind of monitoring your baby's growth and weight, especially when exclusively breastfeeding. Its elegant and ergonomic design also makes it a great accessory to the nursery.

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    Not easy to keep the gourd Fill N'Squeeze at the perfect temperature for your child, fortunately, the Fill N'Squeeze insulated bag, with a 5 litre capactiy can go with you in your travels to keep your child's lunch at the ideal temperature for 5 hours. As the others products of the range, this cool bag is easy to use and to clean

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    Platö is the perfect plate to introduce your baby to solid foods while maintaining the foodat the right temperature. Just pourhot water in the tank and voila! Keeps Food Warm - Microwave Safe - Dishwasher Safe - Durable

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    Help baby to eat his first gourds with the ergonomic spoon Fill n Squeeze. It settles easily on all the gourds.

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    Fill N’Squeeze, it is you who choose food as the meal of your child ! You check exactly the quantity which he eats thanks to graduations on the bowl and on the gourds. Here is a real asset at the time of the food diversification. And it remains ideal later to prepare the portions to taste for example.

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    With fill and squeeze, choose and control the food for your child's meal.The pouch Filling System is the easiest no-mess way to fill your Fill n Squeeze pouches with nutritious fresh food!

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