Suzie la méduse 

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    Discover the Suzie la Méduse rattle! This pastel-colored rattle will be the ideal toy for your baby, which helps both develop the child's motor skills and relieve them when they are teething. It is ideal for babies, when they are in pain during the growth of their first teeth, thanks to a ring specially designed to be chewed.

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    Discover the phosphorescent Suzie the Medusa plush! Thanks to the universal attachment ring above its head, you can hang it anywhere so that baby can play with it. Turn off the light and its lights will light up in the dark! It works without a battery, simply by recharging in natural light, during the day.

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    Discover the Suzie la Méduse doudou! It will accompany baby in his bed, with his very soft velvet square. Your child will love to manipulate it and cuddle it with its little hands. Its little knots on each end of the square are easy to grab and chew on. Perfect from birth, this blanket will grow with the child to discover the senses: sight, touch ...

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    Discover this pretty spiral of activities bearing the image of Suzie, the jellyfish with big eyes and a big heart. An ideal toy for developing baby's fine motor skills and gestures. Easy to transport, it will become essential during walks. The little extra: when baby pulls on Suzie, she goes up all alone, vibrating!

    22,90 €
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  • 29,90 € In Stock

    Discover the Lotus l'Octopus musical night light! It will soothe children as they fall asleep with its soft reassuring light. The universal attachment ring above its head allows it to be hung anywhere so baby can play with it. Press the button and the night light will light up with a variation of 7 colors and 3 melodies. It stops automatically after 10min.

    29,90 €
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