Nanuq the Polar Bear 100cm - Made in France - French giant plush toy

From birth


Fall for the adorable giant plush Nanuq the Polar Bear. Its soft fur and 100cm size are the perfect combination to keep you warm on cold nights. He's also the perfect companion for comforting cuddles!

MADE IN FRANCE, our collection of giant plush toys with a cool, cuddly attitude is sure to please the whole family!

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  • This soft 100cm giant plush will quickly become your children's playmate. They won't tire of his cosy belly and silky fur. Big and reassuring, Nanuq the Polar Bear will easily find a place in any child's bedroom, adding a trendy, fresh touch to the decor!

    Ultra soft, this bear will be the ideal playmate for little ones, who will love its large size: climbing, scaling, sitting... they'll be able to experiment and develop their sense of touch and balance...

    Reassuring at bedtime, Nanuq the polar bear will also be your child's sleep guard.

    t plush of 100cm will quickly become the ideal friend of your child.
    Big and reassuring, the bear Gaston will easily find its place within the room, bringing its trendy decoration touch.

    Ultra mellow, this Gaston bear will also be the ideal playmate for children, who love its big volume: climbing, climbing, sitting... they will be able to experiment and develop their sense of touch, balance...

    Reassuring at bedtime, Gaston the giant bear will also become your child’s sleep keeper.

    Discover our collection of giant plush toys here!Great and reassuring, Gaston will easily find its place in the room of your children. He can also reassure at bedtime.

  • AgeFrom birth
    FunctionSoft giant plush ideal to decorate the room.
    Caremachine wash, delicate cycle
    MarquePioupiou et Merveilles
    Caractéristique clé 4Made in France


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