Alarm clock indicator - Momo

3 years and up


A fun awakening! This sleep monitor is a real nighttime companion for the young child and a help in teaching him when to get up. It is the First alarm clock that allows your child to learn the time at their own pace and in a fun way: The little monkey closes and opens his eyes (sleeping or waking position) to allow your child to find his way around.

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  • The day / night alarm clock indicator includes the following functions: - Analogue clock - Digital clock - Alarm function with volume knob - Night light - Eyes open and close to indicate when the child can get up to prevent too early in the morning This wake-up indicator intuitively teaches your child when to stay in bed. When the child goes to sleep, you tell him that Momo is also going to sleep. Press the 'NIGHT LIGHT' button for 5 seconds until the eyes close. Say: "It is only when Momo opens your eyes that you can get out of bed." time that you have determined that the eyes of the alarm clock will open. This product is scalable and accompanies the growth of the child. It is an indicator of the alarm clock when he does not yet know how to read the time and it becomes his alarm clock when he is older.

  • Age3 years and up
    FunctionLe volume de l’alarme est ajustable. La sonnerie est une mélodie jungle apaisante.
    PilesPiles non fournies. Fonctionne avec 3 piles AA
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