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The Berce O'Lit 'Ready to Sleep' is an exclusive offer which contains : the Berce O'Lit , the evolution kit from 3 to 7 years, the  the cradle's mattress and the lot of green pillows. 

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  • The Berce O’Lit, this flipping concept which enchants your child's room - Evolutive baby bed all in one, from the cradle to the 7 year old child's bed.*
    Gain an exclusive access to the private sells, log yourself here ici ! wonderful Berce O' Lit offers awaits you. 

    First Step : the mom-baby coccon is composed by a cradle (from 0 to 4-5 months*), a sofa so that you can seat with confort next to baby, also a storage place ; all of it swings. In a restricted space, this position offers you the confort and the needed goods available, especially during bibs time. And if baby falls asleep, it's easy the cradle is right next to you. 

    Transformation : When baby does not fit anymore in his cradle, you only need to turn it upside down. The cocoon turns into a child bed ! Clever and convinient, no need to disassemble and rebuild it. very stable, the Berce O'Lit offers 2 levels of regulating bedsprings for mattress of 70x140cm ;

    Second step : the child bed bedspring handle baby from  4-5 months* to 9-10 months* and keep the back of the parents safe ; 

    Third Step : child bed low bedspring - when baby can rise on his own : 9-10 months* to 3 years*.

    Transformation : around 3 years, when baby grows up and wants to go to bed or leave it, replace the Berce O'Lit side by the new evolution kit with an integrated barrier.

    Fourth Step : equiped with its new wall, the Berce O'Lit becomes a bed for your child from 3 to 7 years old reassuring with its safety integrated barrier. 

    • Evolution Kit - With its safety barrier, this kit represents the fourth step of the Berce O'Lit and will carry baby to autonomy. Which does not forbid a cute little story from dad or mom before sleep ! the barrier is reversible, you have now the choice of its position with on access to the right or the left.
    • Craddle's mattress (40x80cm) Adapts itself perfectly to the bed space of the Berce O'Lit. Made in an foam with an average density of 22kg/m3 perfectly adapted to the youngest, its thickness of 5 cm is enough in order to brought baby all the needed confort during his first months' sleep. The cover of the mattress is zipped, which allows you to wash it with a machine.
    • Green pillows - Made in high quality tissue, this two big padded pillows finish piping will offer you all the comfort and satisfaction to seat you on the Berce O'Lit's sofa. Outdoor traited tissuein order to avoid spots, cleaning with a white wet sponge. 

    Also exists in White colour: 'Ready to Sleep' Offer - New Berce O' Lit - White.

    Advice : install your Berce O'Lit on a carpet, so that the paint will be preserved when you will turn it upsode down. 

    Delivery time in France : 2 to 3 weeks, Corse on quotation. date taken by the transporter, delivered on ground floor.

    New version September 2016 - Made in France - Reserved concept -

    * Indicative years, according to children.

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